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Todd White visit 2014

Todd White visiting our Liverpool Gallery March 2017

Todd will be visiting our Liverpool Gallery on Saturday 4th March 2017 6.00 – 8.00pm
We always have a great time when Todd visits, it’s like a friend ‘dropping in’, Todd is always so relaxed and keen to meet his Liverpool friends.

Todd will be showcasing a new collection of prints and originals which he will be pleased to personalise for you on the night.
If you would like to come and meet Todd in our Bold Street gallery please contact us for an invitation and we will post one out to you.

Rennies Gallery

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Rennies Gallery

Our Past Tours and Events

Todd White visit 2014

Todd White’s visit to Liverpool 2014

Todd paid a visit to his favourite U.K. town Liverpool in October 2014.
The event was alot of fun, I hope all who attended it enjoyed it as much as we did, I know Todd enjoyed the evening.
Despite the heat generated by so many people in a relatively small space, not helped by the spot lights we installed during the day to show the pictures off better! we had a great turnout. Thanks to all who attended.

We took alot of photographs on the night, please excuse the quality, we are not expert photographers by any means. The pictures are available to those who would like download them or just view them. Just click on the image to go to the photos.

Doug Hyde

Doug Hyde visited Rennies Gallery in September 2013 Doug came back to our gallery on 29th September 2013 to present his fantastic ‘Rural’ collection. Thanks to all who attended.

Todd White

Todd White visits Rennies Gallery in October 2006Thanks to Todd and who who came along to meet Todd in Leaf on Bold Street on 15th June. 2013. We all had a fantastic night. Todd loves meeting his fans in Liverpool.

Kerry Darlington

Kerry Darlington personal appearance Rennies Gallery January 2013Kerry and her husband came to visit us on a snowy evening in January 2013, It started to snow while Kerry was with us, she had a difficult time getting back to North Wales.

Mackenzie Thorpe

Mackenzie Thorpe visits Liverpool October 2012Mackenzie Thorpe visited our gallery for the first time on 19th October 2012. We had a lot of local collectors really keen to meet him, it was great to hear Mackenzie talking about his work.

Caroline Shotton

Caroline Shotton personal appearance Rennies Gallery May 2012Thanks to Caroline and all who who ventured out on a cold wet day in May to meet Caroline and to see her latest prints and originals. It was lovely to meet Caroline.

Todd White

Todd White personal appearance Rennies Gallery April 2012Todd White and his agent Bryce paid us a visit on 28th April It was a really fun evening, as always when Todd visits us, I know Todd loves meeting his friends in Liverpool.

Bob Barker

Bob Barker at Rennies Gallery October 2011Bob Barker visited our gallery for the first time in October 2011, Bob gave a painting demonstration to the delight of his collectors and local artists alike.

Neil Buchanan

Neil Buchanan visits Liverpool in October 2011It was a delight to meet the long term host of ‘Art Attack’ Neil Buchanan in our Liverpool gallery in October 2011. Neil was showcasing his latest collection of artwork, ‘Hope Street’.

Tom Murphy

Tom Murphy's exhibition at Rennies Gallery 2011Tom Murphy visited us on 12th May 2011. Ken Dodd opened the show for us. We had a great display of Tom’s fabulous sculptures on show. Ken of course was great.

Todd White

Todd White personal appearance Rennies Gallery April 2012Todd White visited us in September 2010 to promote his ‘Woman’ collection. Thanks to everyone who attended, we had a great evening. We had a great display of originals.

Doug Hyde

Doug Hyde Declaring My LoveDoug Hyde gave us lots of ‘Reasons to Be Cheerful’ when he came to our Liverpool Gallery in October 2007 to meet collectors and fans. Doug’s new collection was very well received.

Tom Murray

Tom Murray at Rennies Gallery 2007It was great to have Tom Murray visit us. Tom told us all about the day he spent photographing The Beatles in the summer of ’68’, it was a great story, what a day it must have been

Todd White

Todd White visits Rennies Gallery in October 2006This was Todd’s first visit to our gallery. Todd and his manager Kelly was promoting his ‘Style and Swagger’ collection. Many thanks to everyone who made the evening so enjoyable.

Kay Boyce

Karina by Kay BoyceKay Boyce was very pleased to meet collectors of her work in Liverpool. Thanks to Kay for her energy and enthusiasm and to everyone who attended. It was great to see so many of her originals.


Govinder visits Rennies Gallery in 2001It was a huge privilege to have Govinder, such a talented artist, visit us in 2001. Govinder had just released his ‘Art At My Fingertips’ collection. Govinder was happy to personalise work for customers.

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