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[title size=”2″]Sculpture[/title]
Our outstanding range of unique sculpture is a great addition to the already highly collectable paintings from some of the country’s leading artists. All are hand crafted using the finest materials appropriate to each particular piece, be it bronze, bronze resin or hand painted resins.

Stone sculptor

[title size=”2″]Bronze[/title]
A bronze is an original piece of artwork, individually cast and made using the Lost Wax Process. A normal edition run for a bronze sculpture is usually between 1 and 195. However, each piece is classed as an original bronze, due to the individual way it is made:

[title size=”2″]The Lost Wax Process[/title]
The sculptor creates the original sculptures in modeling wax.

At the foundry, a rubber mould is carefully taken from the original. The rubber dries around the model and is then cut off.Paul Horton bronze sculpture

Several layers of hot wax are then poured into the rubber mould, resulting in a hollow replica of the original sculpture. The wax version is removed from the mould and any imperfections are then ‘chased’ away by hand.

The addition to the wax sculpture of a network of wax ‘sprues’ and ‘vents’, which act as channels through which the molten bronze will flow. A wax cup is connected to the sprues which serves as a receptacle to which the bronze is poured.

The resulting wax tree is dipped into an ‘investment powder’ to build up a ceramic shell.

The shell is placed in a kiln melting out the wax and firing the shell. The shell is now ready to receive molten bronze.

Molten bronze at 1100 degrees centigrade is poured into the ceramic shell.

After the bronze cools, the shell is chipped away.

Various pieces of the sculpture are welded together.

The ‘Patina’ or colour is then applied – chemical solutions are used and heated to create differing effects.

The resulting Lost Wax Bronze is then waxed to protect it and is a finished item.


[title size=”2″]Bronze Resin[/title]
The ‘bronze resin’ process is unique. Taking the artist’s original sculpture as inspiration, a mould is handmade in clay to ensure accurate reproduction of the original. Using a mixture of natural compounds, the resin sculpture is then produced, before being finished and polished by highly skilled craftsmen. Each sculpture is then engraved with its edition number and coated with a layer of pure bronze. Once the bronze has oxidised, different patinas are used according to the instructions of the artist. All that remains to polish and wax the bronzed sculpture, to ensure it becomes a n exact reproduction of the original model.Peter Smith resin sculpture


[title size=”2″]Hand Painted Resin[/title]
Resin is the most popular material used in creating contemporary sculpture reproductions. As with Bronze Resin, the artist’s original sculpture forms the basis for mould making and from this mould the raw resin sculptures are produced. In an entire edition many moulds are used as the quality deteriorates upon use.

The raw resin begins its finishing process with refining and finally the important hand painting. The artist creates a master model indicating their desire for colouring, toning and shadowing. The painting of the raw resin can then begin by a team of experts who emulate exactly the artist’s desire.

The finished piece is often lacquered and polished prior to its presentation.