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Courty said of this piece;

I wanted to release a couple of fun & cool pieces that would work well as a diptych type displayed pair but also be equally as fun and cool on their own too!”

So in these two new pieces…PRETTY WOMAN meets PRINCE…and they add to my 'Colourful Language' collection of works. This time Cinderfuckinrella really does meet her Princefuckingcharmin and in glittering graphic fashion too. I have taken the classic 'Cinderfuckinrella' line and a matching Gentleman line and written it in my 'Profanity Incognito' script style lettering which then overlays the lyrics from two songs that feature in the ultimate 'Chick Flick' movie 'Pretty Woman'…..All

good fun! Love, Courty. X


Please note – This picture is supplied glazed so there is a delivery charge as we have to make special arrangements for delivery, also delivery may take longer than usual.