Project Description


Keith Drury’s art has been purchased by corporate institutions, public government and private individuals.

His work hangs in public places as varied as Belfast City Hall and Messines, Flanders.

In 2010 Keith was awarded a coveted public commission from Belfast City Council to create an artwork for the City. The remit was to interpret the Irish History and Heritage of Belfast City. This painting is now part of the permanent collection of art works on public display at Belfast City hall.

In 2010 Keith was commissioned to create a portrait of Pelé, the football legend, which was presented to Pelé in Dublin.

In 2012 Keith’s International City range of ‘When I Dream’ art works were added to the portfolio of art being published by Alpha1 in London which helps take Keith to a more International level as his work is exposed throughout the UK.

2013 looks set to continue to be busy with approaches from other companies seeking to develop markets of merchandising and other areas using the ‘When I Dream’ style. Keith  Drury Art is pleased to announce they will be exclusively creating images for Gibson games, London.

Many of Keith’s art works are in the traditional medium of oils. However, art must always be the expression of its day and Keith also creates artworks in 3D digital ‘paint’ – a medium for the twenty-first century which values razor sharp images in high-definition. This style is, if anything, more demanding than traditional painting techniques as it requires all the usual ‘creative’ abilities of any artist but adds the requirements of vivid imagination, design and technical know how. Each element of the picture is crafted from the ground up using the skills of sculpture, texturing and colouring. The end product is the result of many long hours of very detailed work. A labour of love goes into every ‘Retromagic, When I dream’ artwork.

Keith believes art should say something. This belief has shaped many of his large social commentary pieces but even his smaller pieces and 3D artworks, aim to say something about the towns, cities and environments that are featured.

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