Yes, you can cancel anytime before the item has been logged on for delivery with the carrier. Once the item has been delivered you can still ask us to uplift your purchase and refund you in full. You can return your purchase without quibble for any reason.

Delayed collection or delivery at a customers request –

When delivery or collection of an item is delayed at a customers request for more than 3 weeks, for whatever reason, maybe an item has been paid off over a period of time, or maybe receipt of an item was inconvenient for a period of time, whatever the reason, if a refund is requested on such an item, then the item will be put back out for sale and when it is sold a refund of any money paid will be made. Refunds can not be given on goods commissioned as a special order, or where a number of pieces have been laid aside at a customers request. [/toggle] [toggle title=”How do I know the artwork is genuine?”]We are a high street gallery in the middle of Liverpool city centre working very closely with some of the country’s biggest publishers of collectable artwork.and we have been trading for over 30 years. Our limited edition artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity. We regularly have our artists visit us, to meet collectors and to showcase their latest works, they would not do this if we were not selling their genuine artwork.