JJ Adams Artist Appearance at Rennies Liverpool

We are very excited to announce that JJ Adams is making his debut visit to Rennies Gallery on Saturdat 18th May between 1-3pm. We will have a great range of work available by JJ including some stunning original pieces, and we have a giveaway planned that you won't want to miss.

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Todd White is visiting us on March 4th 2017

We are really pleased that Todd White is visiting our gallery on Saturday 4th March 2017 6.00 - 8.00pm Todd has visited our gallery many times and we always have a fantastic time with him, it's like having a friend 'drop in'. Todd will be bringing with him some new signed limited prints and a [...]

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Surgery by JJ Adams

JJ Adams's neon skeletons have arrived. Seven new prints and a fabulous new sculpture called Trafalgar. The seven prints are printed on paper and they are very nicely presented in double wooden frames. They are very collectable editions of only 45!

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Rennies working with JJ Adams raises money for KIND

We recently auctioned an original painting by JJ Adams, 'The Pink Stamp'. In doing so we raised £2,200.00 for the local Liverpool children's charity K.I.N.D. (Kids In Need & Distress). KIND does a great deal in supporting children in Liverpool. In this picture we see Darren Buckley, the manager of Rennies Gallery, handing over the [...]

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Dan Pearce – New artist to Rennies

Dan is a London based illustrator, printmaker and digital designer. He studied art at his local college on Merseyside which led to a (BA)Hons in Jewellery Design. Post Uni he returned to his original birth place of Australia and setup home in Sydney for the next seven years. It was here he honed his skills [...]

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Shattered – A new collection from Todd White

New From Todd White The show-stopping new collection from Todd White demonstrates exactly why his wit and insight have made him one of the world's most sought-after contemporary artists. His stylish, avant-garde figurative work represents a highly personal take on the machinations of the human mind and has led to his earning the title of [...]

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Pink Stamp original mixed media by JJ Adams

'Pink Stamp' is a brand new original mixed media from art sensation JJ Adams. One of the featured images shows the actual painting sitting in JJ's studio, JJ recently tweeted the picture himself. This iconic original measures an impressive 36" x 48", it is on a boxed canvas, when it is framed the size will [...]

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Bless Him, He Knows his Mummy by Craig Davison

'Bless Him, He Knows His Mummy' is a fabulous new original oil painting we have just received into stock from Craig Davison. Craig has recently put together a collection of original paintings based on the 'Harry Potter' books and movies. This is of course Hagrid, the friendly half giant wizard. The image size of the [...]

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Tomorrow Is Promised To No One by Courty

The second highly exclusive Screen Print release by “Courty” - 'Tommorow Is Promised To No One' has just been released. This incredible artist, whose name and reputation in the Neon Fine Art Market make him one of the most current and collectable names in the contemporary art industry right now. The first screen print edition [...]

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Sweet Dreams by Hamish Blakely

Sweet Dreams is a very special boutique edition of only 9, a release from Hamish Blakely's very successful 'Angels Out Of Work' collection of work, recently showcased in Mayfair, London. Hamish Blakely's 'Out Of Work Angels' explored the engaging theme of Heaven's creatures in a state of flux. Attested by falling congregation numbers, the younger [...]

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