In celebration of his 75th birthday in October, Pelé: Art Life Football is a captivating new collection released in association with Halcyon Gallery, consisting of a series of photographic images of the legendary footballer, alongside artistic interpretations by some of our most well-loved artists.

Nic Joly, Keith Maiden and Stuart McAlpine Miller have all created Pelé-inspired artwork in their own inimitable styles, from a bright, bold, wall sculpture depicting the famous number 10 shirt, to darker, more provocative pieces which capture the football icon’s journey from humble beginnings to global fame.

Alongside these, the collection also includes photographic pieces which highlight some of Pelé’s most iconic moments on the field – his trademark bicycle kick executed successfully against Belgium in 1968 and the famous save made by Gordon Banks in the 1970 England vs Brazil match.

Whilst each of these works can be enjoyed in its own right, together the diverse collection forms a unique celebration and tribute to the greatest footballer of our time, conveying not just his skills on the field, but his rise from humble beginnings, his journey to fame and the humility and passion of the man behind the legend.

The collection is now available nationwide, with each limited edition artwork and photograph hand-signed by Pelé himself, giving the ultimate seal of approval.