The second highly exclusive Screen Print release by “Courty” – ‘Tommorow Is Promised To No One’ has just been released. This incredible artist, whose name and reputation in the Neon Fine Art Market make him one of the most current and collectable names in the contemporary art industry right now. The first screen print edition of “Colourful Language”– (Unfuckingbelievable) sold out from the publisher in 6 minutes, this amazing piece was recieved in the same way.
This new piece “Tomorrow is Promised to No One” edition is limited to just 25 hand signed, numbered & certified editions (+5 AP’s). The artwork is a fully three dimensional piece that incorporates a 6 colour hand pulled screen print on Museum grade fine art paper and then “Carpe Diem” (Latin for “Seize the Day”) has been hand screen printed in LRI (Light reactive) Ink and full white crystal diamond dust on the glass in a unique layered effect. It is a true representation of the artists original neon instillation artwork whereby the “Carpe Diem” truly Glows in the Dark. (Courty’s unmistakable logo has also been incorporated the LRI ink as well to match the previous Sold-Out release).