‘Pink Stamp’ is a brand new original mixed media from art sensation JJ Adams.

One of the featured images shows the actual painting sitting in JJ’s studio, JJ recently tweeted the picture himself.
This iconic original measures an impressive 36″ x 48″, it is on a boxed canvas, when it is framed the size will be approx. 42″ x 54″.

The recommended retail price of the piece is £12,000.

We are getting so much interest in the picture we have decided, to be fair to all customers, to accept bids on the picture. Any amount we achieve over the £12.000 we are donating to a local childrens charity K.I.N.D. (Kids In Need and Distrees), K.I.N.D. do a fantastic job here in Liverpool helping disadvantaged children. We as a company are also making a donation to K.I.N.D. from the sale of the picture.

If you are interested in bidding on the picture please contact us and we will record your bid. If you wish we can take an email address or text number so we can keep you updated with the latest bids, to inform you if your bid has been bettered.

The actual original will not be in our possession until Friday 26th June. On this day we will be taking it to The Liverpool Contemporary Art Fair, at the Royal Liver Building here in Liverpool, it will be on show there for the preview night, Friday night, 6.00 – 9.00pm and then through Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th, 10.30am – 5.30pm.

We are closing the auction at 4.40pm on Sunday 28th June.