show me the rare pieces

Take a look at our prints and sculptures that are about to sell out!

Most of our artwork is limited edition, we have compiled a selection that are close to selling out, items where we are down to our last copy!

show me the rare pieces

Just a selection from our new releases


Disney Original Art

Working with Disney approved artists Disney Original Art captures artistic interpretations of Disney’s rich tapestry and continuing legacy, these works are showcased through a series of unique and exclusive original paintings and hand signed limited editions. All artwork is authorised and approved by The Walt Disney Company.


Henderson Cisz

It’s been a while since we’ve had a collection of work available from Brazilian artist Henderson Cisz. Henderson has just released 15 brand new pieces, cityscapes featuring capital cities from around the world. These prints are available as either paper or canvas editions.

Mark Davies 205

Craig Alan

Craig Alan has released 3 iconic pieces, made up from a myriad of tiny figures, he carefully plans and creates each tiny figure. His cast of characters include his family and friends giving his work a unique personal touch.

Andrew Kinsman – A new artist to Rennies Gallery

Cafe De Paris by Andrew KinsmanSelf-taught artist and musician Andrew Kinsman, sold his first piece of artwork when he was only twelve years old. He has painted commissions for celebrities and royalty alike, and has recorded soundtracks and albums with music novelties such as Noel Gallagher and English Rock Band, Kasabian. Currently living in South London, after years spent in Cambridge, Bath, Bristol and Cyprus, Kinsman continues to passionately practice both art forms, dividing his time equally between the advancement of his musical career and continuing to acquire new and reputable art commissions.


Just a few more of our new releases

Polar Bear

Hamish Blakely

Hamish Blakely has a couple of new prints available exploring the idea of what angels get up to on their day off, Hamish has a major exhibition planned this year featuring a number of originals based on the theme.


Snowbound by Paul Horton

Bob Barker

‘Gravy Boys’ is a familiar setting for Bob. The 3 advertising boards in this picture is for ‘Bovril’, ‘Bisto’ and ‘Oxo’, hence the title Gravy Boys. Bob has 4 new pieces available.


Kerry Darlington

Kerry has just released ‘The Little Lace Tree’ a delightful little picture which is also available in larger sizes. We have the one and only original of ‘The Little Lace Tree’ in stock.

Paul Corfield Artist of the Month
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