show me the rare pieces

Take a look at our prints and sculptures that are about to sell out!

Most of our artwork is limited edition, we have compiled a selection that are close to selling out, items where we are down to our last copy!
show me the rare pieces

Just a selection from the new work at Rennies Gallery

JJ Adams

Katy Jade Dobson

we are very proud to present ‘Dignity’, ‘Harmony’ and ‘Composure’ three fabulous new releases by Katy in editions of only 45. Katy has also released two marine prints benefiting the Marine Conservation Society.

Bat Leap

Grant Searl

Grant Searl’s latest release is a picture full of memories. Grant could have used so many icons and logos but he has built the picture from memories that have been meaningful to him over the years.

A Street Light Stroll

Fabian Perez

Argentinian artist Fabian Perez has just released a new collection. Fabian has released 3 lovely new pure bronze sculptures.

Paul Oz

Paul Oz

‘The Explosive Icons Portfolio’ is Paul Oz’s first published portfolio. Already a well established artist Paul is new to our gallery and we are delighted to be in position to offer his amazing work to our customers.


Simon Claridge

The Brigitte Bardot Diamond Dust Collection – Boxed Set, containing 4 silkscreen prints embellished with diamond dust. We have the very collectable artist’s proof set #1 in stock for one lucky collector!

Peter Smith

Paul Kenton

I love the reflection Paul has captured on the side of the skyscraper, both this print ‘Lights Of Fire’ and it’s partner ‘Glowing Empire’ are stunning pieces.

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Just a few of our new originals

Jeff Rowland

Jeff Rowland

We have a beautiful new original oil painting by the ‘rain man’ himself, Jeff Rowland in stock. It is a captivating picture of a couple cuddling in the rain in Picadilly Circus.

Jeff Rowland

Flutter by Katy Jade Dobson

We count ourselves fortunate to have the original painting by Katy Jade Dobson in stock called ‘Flutter’. This fabulous painting of butterflies was recently released as a signed limited edition print.

Craig Davison

Nail Art by David Foster

We have two fabulous new original pieces in by David Foster, ‘Audrey’ and ‘Marilyn’, both are made from just under 12,000 small nails and 12,000 japanese glass beads.

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